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Default Wednesday 10-6-10

Unscheduled days off SUCK. Jobs, family duties... whatever. Anyway, got in today and felt charged to hit it again.

- worked up to 90 x 1 (not bad)
- then 92kg x 0 (chickened out)
- 92 x 1 (more like it)
- 94kg x 0,0,0 (more chickening out. just didn't want to get under it)
- back down to 82kg x 3

Moving on...

Clean and Jerk:
- Worked up quickly to 110kg x 1
- back down to 95kg x 2

Back Squat: (fading away by now....)
- Worked up to 135kg for a single
- 125kg x 3

Done and done. Try to get back on schedule now.
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