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Default Program Advice for Rugby Referee

Hi all
First post. I have been a long time lurker on these forums and know that any feedback is pretty solid. I am looking for some fresh eyes to go over the demands of my chosen sport and see what suggestions you would have for a program to maximise performance. As a background my stats are:
Height: 5’11 (180cm) Weight: 167lb (76kg) Age:28 Squat: 275lb (125kg) Dead: 330lb (150kg) Press: 137.5 (62.5kg)
Beep Test: 13.3 Yo-yo Beep Test: 18.6 12x25m shuttle (300m): 1:02
Flying 30m Sprint: 3.47sec
I am basically an umpire/referee for Rugby League which for those who are not sure is a version of Rugby only a bit quicker. The following are some stats from some fellow referees that will give you an idea of the demands of a typical game:
80min games divided into 2x40min halves. Referees will typically cover approx. 7-8km over the course of the game. Heart rate will average approx. 85% of max with periods of recovery down to about 70% and short bursts of effort up to 95%. Avg speed is relatively low about 6-8km per hour but running is multi directional, a lot of backwards running and sliding and there is a lot of talking on the move which saps the juice.
A typical in season week goes like:
Monday- Weights Tuesday- intervals/sprints/endurance Wednesday- Rest/Rehab
Thursday- Short intervals followed by skills Friday- Rest Saturday- Game Sunday- Game
It is now my off season for approx. 6 weeks before cycling into pre-season training.
So what if anything would you be doing if you were to train me… suggestions..? More info needed?
Also what would you be emphasising during my offseason/preseason.
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