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Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post
I think what may have happened is that Zack gained a lot, not some, fat and a lot of muscle, glycogen, and water. 1 lb increase in LBM does not equal 1 lb increase in muscle mass. Everyone on both sides were getting their panties twisted over semantics.

Also, Rip's ppl are more concerned with getting big (70s big), while Lyle's ppl are more concerned with being ripped. Different approaches appeal to different folks. While the amount of fat gain may not look like much to Rip's ppl, it would look like a lot to Lyle's ppl.
No need to apologize for Lyle. The whole dispute was over Lyle's claim that a person could only expect to gain 0.5 lb/wk of muscle mass and Rip's examples of people gaining more. Sure, LBM is composed of more than muscle mass, but are you gonna stand by Lyle's 0.5/wk figure?
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