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Originally Posted by Yael Grauer View Post
I asked Joel and he said the numbers were fairly average for 165 lbs. because he can do 20-25 pull-ups and 100 pushups and 90 situps and weighs 210. I'm not really sure I agree with the pullup being based on weight thing--unless you are a big guy with huge legs and small arms or something. Also he said the breath hold was a factor. breath hold is what probably brought up my (aerobic) endurance number. I did a pretty-good-for-me 1:42 in the breath hold, but my pushups, situps, and pullups are nowhere near Joel's numbers and he outweighs me. Some of that was expected because I tested while injured, but even my best-ever numbers aren't going to match 20-25/100/90.

I pulled an overall 5.0, which is fine. Mostly it just highlighted things I already knew I needed to work on, and made me run 1.5 miles for the first time in my life. That was kind of fun in retrospect but with asthma I won't do it again until the next test day.
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