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Really? REALLY? This is the kind of advice you are getting here?

Time is running out.

The skills associated with those sports need to be developed for you to enjoy them.

Consider that the path to mastery for most sports is 8+ years. To be competitive, you need this skill development. At 41, you probably don't have all day to devote to these past-times like a younger man would. Maybe I'm wrong. As someone whom is independently wealthy, you may have all the time you need. That would still put you at 49. Let's say you want to be good enough to have fun doing this shit. That can come in, maybe, 6 months of intensive practice.

Better get cracking, and pick up the pieces of your S&C somewhere along the way, because squatting doesn't improve your jump shot, nor do weighted dips improve your soccer passing.

There are certain skills that will be essential and universal. The ability to recovery from sprint intervals. Precision of skill execution under adverse conditions (fatigue and high heart rates). Ability to change directions rapidly and safely.

Any general weight training program will be fine, as long as it complements a concurrent improvement in the above qualities. Simplefit might be all you need.

A few quick notes:

Plyos - you'll get this in sport practice.
Hamstring flexibility - get a jumpstretch band, do it 3x daily.

If this was the first thread I'd ever looked at on this forum, I wouldn't come back. You guys aren't really this idiotic, are you? ARE YOU? (I'm not talking to you Dave, I know exactly what you are)
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