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Catherine Imes
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It could definitely be a met-con blast, but is definitely applicable to those interested in increasing snatch numbers or strength endurance.

Relatively heavy swings (for me that's 24kg or 32kg) are a very anaerobic exercise. They are much faster paced than snatches because there is no lockout or stop (obvious). Your grip and your wind will get taxed much faster. I reckon I do about 40rpm. So, when I've done 75L/75R. I do the 75L, rest 30 seconds, then do the 75R. I'm not at a point where I can do them back to least not without breaking up the reps.

Note, i'm not talking about the "American Swing" Overhead, I'm talking about the Russian Swing to chest level.

A really fun (haha) thing that I like to do is rowing and swings circuits (maybe throw in some thrusters or jerks too). So, I might row 500M, do 50/50 Swings, and then maybe something else..

I'm a kettlebell sport competitor. I view swings as an anaerobic component to my training that will tax my grip and posterior chain. But, even when I'm not training for a specific competition, I view the swings as a very good key exercise. They can be done relatively safely while fatigued. I've also experienced a fair amount of hypertrophy in my back and biceps from the heavy/high rep swings.
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