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It varied a little, but often I used the 3 on 1 off. Strength day 1, gymnastics day 2, O-lifts and possibly met-con day 3. Yes, I continued to do some met con work all year, but lower frequency and volume.

In the spring/summer, I still did a lot of strength and gymnastics work. How much? You'll have to experiment, but enough not to loose ground.

I'm going to work with a little different schedule this year. With a more than full time job, plus running CF Portland, and the long commute from my mountain top compound to the city - my available training time is pretty limited. I am going to train m,t, th, and f. A short session of gymnastics and movement drills in the afternoon at home, strength and any met-con in the pm at the gym. Day 1 will be more strength holds and quick lifts, day 2 presses and pulls and more grinding lifts.

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