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Default 10-9-2010

Training yesterday was very light and deliberately so - i was feeling pretty hammered physically. Anyway, started off today with a lot of therapy/mobility work, probably 40-45 minutes worth. The pay off was one of the best technically precise days I've had in a while, even though I didn't feel particularly strong quads are beat to hell so my knees are suffering... i'll work it out.


- Worked up slowly to 80kg for 3 x 2 reps
- Back to 70kg for 2 x 2

Clean and Jerk:

- 100kg 2x 1
- 105kg x 1 (didn't think i had it in me today but it was a very good rep)
- 110kg x Clean Pull (just didn't possess the mental toughness to get under it)
- Down to 95kg x 2

Back Squat:

- Worked up to 120 x 2
- then 130kg x 2
- back down to 120kg x 2

Uggh. Adductor and quad tightness/general trashiness making squatting very labor some. Much therapy tonight and tomorrow to get this junk worked out and hopefully come back hard next week.
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