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Just curious, what kind of sprint work are you doing? Distances?
Chad Rugby League Field is basically the same size i think... approx. 100m x 65m.
Most of our sprint work is over about 40-60m with some occasional longer stuff. Generally when we want to do intervals for conditioning purposes we will use similar distances but as shuttles with timed recoveries for example: 40m < 7sec with 21sec to cover the remaining 60m for 10 reps. or 60m up and back in <22sec with 1:1 recoveries for 6- 8 reps etc.

I guess the real question is.... How have you felt in the past? Do you feel like you're falling behind or do you feel relatively good after games?
Derek thanks for feed back. Look i generally feel good and am usually at the pointy end of our squad. I guess i am at the point where i have an opportunity to make this into full time job (in the coming years) and i am really looking for an edge. All of our squad trains to the same basic template... I am looking to add or take away the things that will help make my performance dominant. Rather than be in the top three or four guys make me the top guy.
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