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I'm on board with all that, but, apparently I am ahead of the curve. I solved a lot of running issues I had with an 3 month period of barefoot running on a soccer field prior to a fall season of rugby way back in 1999.

So, it was never a shock to me when the pendulum swung back towards minimalist footware.

Like it's not a shock to me that the pendulum is swinging back towards distance running as being a viable means for fitness, or that guys like Kelly Starrett, whom insisted static stretching was the devil, has repackaged that so now it's sexy again. I'm not even going to get into how the masses of internet doofuses have latched onto multi-joint barbell exercise done in a progressive fashion is productive.

In another 2 years or so, we'll see the re-emergence of the WSB training methods as being optimal for a lifter.
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