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thanks for the article. provides a good summary of the non-ethics benefits of grassfed beef.

However, consumers should be aware that the differences in FA content will also give grass-fed beef a distinct grass flavor and unique cooking qualities that should be considered when making the transition from grain-fed beef. In addition, the fat from grass-finished beef may have a yellowish appearance from the elevated carotenoid content (precursor to Vitamin A).
is this supposed to be a negative? i have never tasted a distinctive grass flavour in grass fed beef although it definitely has a unique flavour which almost everyone i know seems to prefer.

although i would hazard that grassfed is more the norm around here and i probably grew up on it.
It is also noted that grain-fed beef consumers may achieve similar intakes of both n-3 and CLA through the consumption of higher fat grain-fed portions.
not sure what this means?
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