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Originally Posted by Paul Epstein View Post
It is also noted that grain-fed beef consumers may achieve similar intakes of both n-3 and CLA through the consumption of higher fat grain-fed portions.
not sure what this means?
Grass-fed has a higher % of fat that is n-3 and CLA, but grain fed has more fat overall. There may be no difference in the actual amount of both consumed between grass and grain fed.

Another example of the same thing: If a bag of balls has 50% red balls and another bag has only 25% red balls but twice the overall number of balls, they both have the same number of red balls.

If you care about the ratio of n-3/n-6 and CLA/total fat, grass fed is better. If you think the absolute amount of n-3 and CLA consumption is more important, there may be no big difference.

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