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Originally Posted by Dean Redzic View Post
Hello, looking to use paleo type of diet to hopefully increase my quality of life as well as my body composition.
I understand many people experience a positive change in fat to mass ratio whilst on a diet like this.

I weigh about 285 and would like to weigh the same...if not less, but more muscle less fat.

My concern is I wont be able to gain or maintain strength going through this process.

Is there a key to me being able to keep my strength up
Eat a reasonably varied diet that provides sufficient calories and carbohydrates and you shouldn't have any problems keeping your strength up.

Originally Posted by Dean Redzic View Post
Is a lot of fruit a bad idea?
Fruit is good for you and should be eaten ad libitum.

How about raw milk?
Milk isn't paleo.

Originally Posted by Dean Redzic View Post
Do you know of any good ways (or calculators) that would help me determine the round about figure I need to eat calorie wise?
Try these -

Interactive DRI for Healthcare Professionals.

Diet Genie Calorie Requirements Estimator.*

* Note: For best results set the macronutrient ratios to 60%, 25% and 15% for carbohydrate, fat and protein respectively.

I am hoping to eat the same amount, but the quality food and amount of real protein will be the deciding factor of my physique.
What do you think?
Calories determine what you weigh and training determines body composition. Eat well, train hard, rest and repeat and the results will come in time.
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