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Originally Posted by John Thomas View Post
The point to all this is to eventually hit the following goals:

Deadlift: 500lbs
Squat: 400lbs
Bench Press: 300lbs
Shoulder Press: 200lbs
Vertical Jump: 30in
Broad Jump: 10’0”
Double-unders: 90 (no miss)
400m: 1:10min
Pull-ups: 20 (dead hang)
Dips 30
Push-ups: 100
Sit-ups: 110
Fran: 5min 3min
Grace: 5min 3min
Annie: 10min 7min
Kelly: 22min 18min
(I included two number on the crossfit stuff because, unlike the others, I really have no idea what's plausible)
Do you want to do all the crap you mentioned above, or do you want to hit these numbers? If the numbers are the important thing, than CF isn't the best way to get there (even for the CF benchmarks).

All of these are attainable except (possibly) the jumps. Unless you can already jump a good bit of that, a smattering of strength and GPP work won't get you there.

Edit: Is that your real name?
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