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After a bit of Googling, I'm assuming you compete strongman, and want to maintain strength and strength-endurance for your sport.

Paleo is worth the experiment, and may help body composition, particularly if you have chronic inflammation from grains, etc. It's very unlikely to be a miracle, however.

Your best bet may be old fashioned carb cycling in a paleo setting. That is, on non-training days, eat slightly under maintenance, lower carb, and on training days, eat higher carb post-workout, aiming for higher than maintenance calories those days.

But doing body recomp while maintaining strength and bodyweight at 285# is a highly specialized topic. I doubt you can eat the # of calories you are going to need to consume and stay truly low carb on those days (there's only so much fat you can keep down). Eating higher carb on a paleo diet is a pain as well (lots of fruit, peeled potatoes, and mashed sweet potatoes). I might give Robb a call and see what he suggests.
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