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Default Day 22

Drills to Win
Backwards roll to Handstand - 1 set of 20. Didn't take much rest here; just enough to maintain good form on the handstands.

Drilled the low hooks pass against butterfly guard. Emphasised the slow grinding nature of the pass and that control should never be sacrificed for speed. People were doing this quite well be the end of class. On the downside I managed to accidently kick one of my favourite training partners hard in the balls whilst rolling. It was a bad one.

S & C
Backsquat - 10 sets of 3 @ 90% of max Frontsquat. Kept rest periods at around one minute.

Jits With Hits
Small class tonight. The two Monday public holidays in a row did me no favours with the attendence to this class. Worked the Vendetta guard as a defence to the smother and slam style of guard passer.
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