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For INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Also, a bit tongue in cheek.


Testosterone Enanthate
Testosterone Cypionate
Testosterone Proprionate
Testosterone Suspension
Testosterone Blends.

Exogenous testosterone is best drawn up in a 22 to 23 gage needle. My recommendations to a neophyte is 1-2 ccs at most, then injected into the outer part of the quad, in the middle third area, at least twice a week. There's some talk that a bolus of testosterone is best absorbed through the gluteus, but it's problematic to reach around there when you are not experienced.

I would not start with suspension or proprionate, those tend to sting, suspension significantly so, until you are more experienced and have acquired the taste for the sting (which should happen unless you are some sort of candyass) and then in that case, every other day injections can keep the levels both high and consistent.

Expect a few things:

Feeling way cooler than Matt Foreman.
Getting big and strong pretty fast
Horniness you haven't felt since you were 15 and grabbed your first titty.
Wanting to take up MMA or maybe Rugby League instead of Ultimate and Soccer.
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