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Default Monday 10-11-10

Day off yesterday was just what I needed. Did a lot of soft tissue therapy and mobility work and came in feeling ready to go. Really feel like my technique has caught up with my new increased mobility - the results showed today.

- Worked up to 85kg x 1
- 90kg x 1 Solid
- 93kg x still solid
- 95kg x 1 a bit shakey but I muscled it out. Tied my all time best with this one.
not done yet, want a new PR so...

96kg x 0 so close! No giving up!
96kg x 1 YES!!
+1kg all time PR and +3kg at 77kg bwt and it was more solid than the 95kg!

Clean and Jerk:
- worked up quickly to 100kg x 1
- then 110kg x 1
- 115kg x 1. Very solid and ties my PR at this bwt.

211kg Total, 3kg PR at this bwt!

Front Squat:

- worked up to 100kg x 3
- then 120kg for 2 x 3 reps

wow. Very good session after lifting 10 out of 13 days!
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