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I'm not Gant, but I'll take a stab and contribute a little more than my original post.

I wouldn't think that the 30" vertical would be a huge problem. The 10 foot broad jump may be though. That's a healthy leap.

What I think most people have noticed is that the best way to get good at Crossfit is to not do Crossfit. Get strong first. Work speed, explosive power etc. Then, practice Crossfit.

When you look at the best Crossfit competitors, they often were actual athletes before joining the cult. Several played at a decent level. I think that Lipson guy played college baseball or something. Not sure.

Either way. There are very few CF'ers who are top notch who started as CF'ers and only do CF.

Josh Everett played DII or DIII football from what I remember.

I'd suggest you go with the Strength and Speed Template since it'll enable you to work some low level conditioning and.... speed. Select your exercises from the options intelligently. You could use the bench marks as indicators if you really wanted to. I wouldn't suggest it, but there are worse ideas.

Maybe run through the workouts over a couple weeks. Take a light week to work in the WS4SB program. Work intelligently for 3-4 months, deloading and rotating exercises accordingly, then retest.

If you're concerned with some of the CF stuff, a little technique work as part of your warm up wouldn't hurt.

The good thing is that if you're getting all "Westside" with a program, they built their original ideas on exercise variety. If you have exericse ADD like myself, a template like this may suit you very well. Tons of options to keep you entertained while you're improving.
And if you don't think kettleball squat cleans are difficult, I say, step up to the med-ball
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