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First off, I'd just like to say how much I hate you for putting that picture in of the guy rupturing his achilles tendon. It caused me to have a flash back to when I saw a guy running literally 10 feet in front of me and his achilles ruptured. I get the chills everytime I think about it

In any case, another very well written article on feet and shoes. Just curious, what do you do? Do you go sans shoes? Vibrams? Terra plana? There are so many situations in life where we must wear shoes, but it is clear that they are definitely altering our mechanics negatively. In fact, the local Y actually prohibits racing flats, indoor soccer shoes, and vibrams. Crazy right?

My PT keeps telling me I have flat feet and over pronate because my posterior tibialis is too tight. I've tried stretching, rolling, massaging, etc, but I suspect it's all undone by my shoes.

I think the length of this article was better as well. I'll be honest, I'm one of those people who began, but never finished the shoes, sitting, and lower body dysfunction article. I always mean to come back to it, but never managed to finish it. Maybe I'll make a point this weekend to sit down and finish it.
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