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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
All depends on what you know and what you are willing to trust.

I have heard of a "Vetrolaser" that would appear to have all the functions necessary and is a nice price.
An equine and canine laser.... hmmm.... I'm tempted, genuinely tempted. Looks like you can pick up the 3 piece kit for under 900. That still beats a month of prolo by $7,100. Are there any reliable resources for learning to do this yourself? I've done my ultrasound at the PT. Being there 5 days a week, I guess they just decided it's easier to just let me do it. Electrostim is a bit hard to do sometimes depending where you have to place the electrodes. Can you burn/injure someone with a cold laser?

I have a laser pointer, what if I just turn that on and leave it focused on my foot for a few hours a day?
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