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Default Day 23

Drills to Win
Handstand Walk - 1 set of 15 meters plus screwing around with it before class.

Gi less BJJ
Really worked on tight pummelling skills in the clinch and followed that up with some guard passing drills which focused on using Combat Base as a guard passing platform. It's been a little while since we've done much dedicated drilling on Combat base and it showed but with some isolation and mobility drills everybody was soon doing really well. 'Warlords' style rolling again tonight which lead to a drawn out roll with a reasonably new person of Sean Sherk like dimensions. I was trying to be kind but he would look like he was going to die everytime I got the slightest position on him causing me to ease up even more at which point he would explode with every once of strength and I would fall back to guard just to avoid hurting him. Eventually I got jack of it, took his back, crushed him down and choked him.

Had good fun rolling one of my better blue belts later; he did well but his efforts to avoid my armbar caused him to fall straight into my arm triangle.
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