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Originally Posted by Dean Redzic View Post
Hello, looking to use paleo type of diet to hopefully increase my quality of life as well as my body composition.
I understand many people experience a positive change in fat to mass ratio whilst on a diet like this.

I weigh about 285 and would like to weigh the same...if not less, but more muscle less fat.

My concern is I wont be able to gain or maintain strength going through this process.

Is there a key to me being able to keep my strength up
Howdy All, Sorry, late to the party.

Last summer I went from 243lbs.@ 20%+ BF > 238lbs.@ 12%BF on a 100% Paleo diet.
I made small strength gains along the way. I've been training for over 30years, small gains are what I expect.
I consumed about 4,000kcal a day. I'm intolerant everything, so NO dairy! This can be done 100% Paleo.
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