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Originally Posted by Dean Redzic View Post
Thanks Chad,
Are you a heavy lifter?

That was my realization as well....its just food, just better quality. As long as I get all the calories from a better place and better quality food.

As part of my checkup I am getting my insulin sensitivity checked out which might give a few more clues
Hey Dean, I um *cough *cough do Cultfit.... (ashamed)

I've played with strength cycles though at various times. Certainly not an elite lifter by any stretch of the imagination, but at one point, disappointed with my sub 200 pound back squat and sub 300 pound deadlift, I made a focused effort to improve my lifts. I spent 6 months powerlifting and put nearly 100 pounds on each lift, all the while eating paleo with dairy. Even now, I'm no longer doing @F, I'm following Wendler 531 for 7 weeks now, and I can tell that adding milk and kefir really impact my recovery and strength gains.

That's my "heavy" lifting experience. However, I can tell you from tweaking my diet with @F, I always recover better with dairy. I'm not saying it's a guaranteed rule, but it definitely works for me, so I would recommend to anyone give it shot with and without and compare your results. That, and grass fed whole milk tastes good!
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