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Originally Posted by Chris Butler View Post
I'm a 43yr. old, large, endurance athlete so my lifts are not impressive.

Currently I'm training with sandbags and stones, gym went out of business.

My macros at the time where Pro - 300gr./ Fat - 225gr./ CHO - 100-200gr. depending on activity level. Majority of my carbs were from fruit. Fats are animal sources and unrefined coconut oil.

Right now I'm working on getting to low single digit BF%
Pro - 350-400gr./ Fat 225 - 300gr./ CHO - Tues,Wed,Fri & Sat - 50gr/ Mon, Thurs - 150gr./ Sun < 30gr.
Sort of like carb cycling? are the bigger CHO days training days.

Originally Posted by Chad Cilli View Post
Hahaha! No, no... no surgery required. Man bits just shrivel up, die, and fall off. The scary thing is that's closer to the truth than I'd like to admit.

Speaking of paleo eating, I just finished cooking up leg of lamb. Life is good.
I have seen some strong CF guys though. There are a couple that I coach that clean over 220 and squat 500+ (Its not amazing, but it seems to be better then what I preconceived)
They are starting to realize the importance of maximal strength and not just doing metcons everyday.

I think I have made up in my mind that I will be doing 'the anabolic diet' but just using paleo choices. The carb up days might be a bit hard, but we will see!!!
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