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I asked Robb Wolf about this on his blog some time back.

Dead simple:
1-Paleo, on the low-carb CKD side in general.
2-Add dairy as needed for significant muscle/weight gain.
3-some strategies to minimize any down sides of the dairy (fish oil, vit-d and the CKD)
4-some rubrics for figuring out what you are doing with both training and food. “I am here, want to get there…these are the steps I need to take.
5-Non-retarded programming. Nothing new under the sun, as you know, there is no magic or free lunch, but with the explosion in people doing training there is a dearth in basic programming knowledges.

I just found some studies the other day indicating gluten suppresses IGF response both from food and training. Could be some of the muscle wasting effects we see in celiac folks. Rutman’s son can lose 5-8lbs in a week from a gluten dose. they found this when Logan was 2.

The whole thing boils down to heal your gut for good absorption, eat an ungodly amount of food (if that’s what you need), control hormones like insulin as best your can, periodize your training (in the words of Dutch Lowy “have a fucking clue”)

That’s it. In many ways it’s an attempt to write a book that I’d actually want to read. Since I just make all this shit up anyway, I will have forgotten that material after I write it, so it will be a good read for me at least once it’s done!
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