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Default AI Life Support

Just wondering if anyone has used this or has an opinion of it.

It's supposed to help blood pressure, liver function, prostate, immune, cholesterol, and be an antioxidant.

It contains: red yeast rice, NAC (N acetyl cysteine), silymarin, hawthorn berry, saw palmetto, nettle root, celery seed extract, idebenone, and policosonol.

The only thing in it I'm uncomfortable about is the red yeast rice. I know it actually does nothing for cholesterol, but I'm worried that it could act like a statin and cause muscle or liver damage. The crappy thing is, the more I research it, the more muddied it becomes. It's like soy, for every bad thing you read about it, you find something good. Just gives me a headache.

In any case, what do you guys think of it? I know most of you are very careful with your supplement choices.
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