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Originally Posted by Dean Redzic View Post
Sort of like carb cycling? are the bigger CHO days training days.

I have seen some strong CF guys though. There are a couple that I coach that clean over 220 and squat 500+ (Its not amazing, but it seems to be better then what I preconceived)
They are starting to realize the importance of maximal strength and not just doing metcons everyday.

I think I have made up in my mind that I will be doing 'the anabolic diet' but just using paleo choices. The carb up days might be a bit hard, but we will see!!!
Oh yeah, don't get me wrong, there are some beasts in CF. I mean, they just had that olympic weightlifting competition in Colorado, and some of those guys put up numbers that are nationally competitive. I trained with a guy at a CF affiliate who was power cleaning over 400 pounds, often for reps, and could squat 500 for a set of 8 sending the bar airborne every rep. However, I think guys like that have the genetics to be strong on any program. His flexibility, proportions, and build in general were definitely factors in his strength. He was strong before CF, and he just kept getting stronger.

Just as you point out, the importance of maximal strength is sometimes overlooked in favor of metcons. This goes back to Coach Rut's Max Effort Black Box where absolute strength and metabolic conditioning are sort of in a balancing act. If I had complete control over my own programming and didn't have to follow a training program in order to prepare for a career, I would definitely follow Rut's MEBB.

As Steve listed Robb's diet suggestions, those sound just like what I was told at the CF Football Cert. Which really isn't a surprise since Robb and John Welbourn are good friends. And John is one big, strong dude. You have to see him in person to really appreciate his size.
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