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David Glass
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Haven't posted here in a while. The new job is really hectic, and visiting the site is usually out of the question.

I feel compelled to post today in lieue of some recent successes, namely:

First sub 40:00 Kelly (39:22), down by over 5:00 since my last PR
First Impossible WOD completion, which consisted of
5 rounds for time of
- 10 x 135# thrusters
- 10 x Deadhang pull-ups
- 400m run
My time... 42:26

These mark a return to focussing more on metcons and a bit less on strength, to concentrate more on weight loss than strength gains

Although my squat weight is roughtly the same, I have noticed I'm doing the metcon squatting a lot easier and I have a greater ability to focus more on form
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