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Ah, got a great ride at Frances Slocum on a great, sunny, Fall Sunday. It is one of those days when you just have a $h!t eating grin on your face -- for the rest of the day. Several thoughts from the ride and training for the last couple weeks.

As I threw at on Facebook:

The interplay between "cardio" and "strength" is really amazing when you're doing something in the "real" world (i.e., not marathons and powerlifting). Yes, yes, I know, there's always call for people to run messages about battles ... and deadlift buses off of stranded citizens. But, let me get to a point.

From around Aug. 29 to Oct. 3 (five weeks), I road 1-2 times a week. I squatted about 3 times in the same period and I hit a bunch of KB workouts. I had two "really good" (relative to me, of course) rides in there. Both were the 2nd ride in the week, and both were when I was more rested (didn't KB the same day or SQ the previous day or two). There were still some obstacles and terrain that gave me grief.

Fast forward two weeks. Over two weeks, I've squatted five times (if you are doing the math, I included Oct. 1 SQs in both counts). Lotsa SQs (Smolov style days but only two a week). I didn't bike at all. I didn't KB at all. So, what happened with my riding? Some of you can probably guess. I was able to destroy some obstacles that had really been a problem. I was able to climb steeper terrain more easily. I had a MUCH deeper low gear. I had enough extra to give a pop with my legs to help life my front wheel. Great! Right?

Well, yes; but ... There is a trade-off. I gassed really easily. The combination of putting out more (man)power and having a less well-tuned CV system leds to some serious attempted to loose my breakfast and a lung. Loosing the edge on my skill also meant more effort for some similar results. Bringing together the extra gear with some tuned skill would probably solve most of the riding problems I have at Slocum (just about everything is almost in my reach). Hamming through it is another issue.

In a nutshell, you can see how bringing all the components together (cardio, strength, skill) at once ("peaking") can be a really powerful combination.

A summary of my experience today:
Skill keeps you out of trouble. Strength gets you out of trouble. Cardio keeps you going.

Forward thought: Looks like I'm going to try the Brothers Smolov (TBS) programming. It seems to have been pulled from its previous sites. I'll respect Dr. PP's intent and not share the specifics but suffice it to say that it is a similar "half Smolov" to what I've done before, although TBS has a different style of halving then the Pavel-Smolov.

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