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Originally Posted by Mark Fenner View Post
A summary of my experience today:
Skill keeps you out of trouble. Strength gets you out of trouble. Cardio keeps you going.

Forward thought: Looks like I'm going to try the Brothers Smolov (TBS) programming. It seems to have been pulled from its previous sites. I'll respect Dr. PP's intent and not share the specifics but suffice it to say that it is a similar "half Smolov" to what I've done before, although TBS has a different style of halving then the Pavel-Smolov.
You just earned a free hoodie plus three t-shirts, what size? And thanks for TBS!

Your in good company! The two Burgener sons and Glenn Pendlay will use the template and Pavel even speaks of the Smolov-Pütz cycle... Drop me a line with your words once your done! And friend me on FB!
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