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Default Cleaning up my act

Just caught a look at my gut in the mirror and god damn, I'm really starting to look like a fat person. So in an effort to lean out a bit or at least stop getting fatter, I'm going to cut down to 3500 calories and log my efforts here when I think of it (honesty). I'll start with today, god this is going to be bad:

2 jumbo hot dogs (800 calories)

Half pound bacon, 1 jumbo hot dog (fucking at least 1000 calories)

Frozen chicken pot pie (660 calories)

3/4 mikes frozen pizza (slightly over 1000 calories)

1.3l 2% milk (450-550 calories)

lays potato chips (who knows, maybe 400).

Total: just about 4500 calories. Not as bad as I thought, but the quality is terrible. Lets try to do better tomorrow.

Some 700 cal meal ideas:

7 eggs w/ 2 scoops whey

1 can beans, 1 can tuna, 1 tbs olive oil

1.3 litres whole milk
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