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Default Fernando's training log

Today I decided to begin following the intermediate template listed in Greg Everett's Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes and Coaches, due to the lack of progress I was making on the beginner template.

The training

Coming in felt only mildly interested in working out - the entire session felt like I was a passive observer of my workouts, with heavy weight, awkward positioning and pain the the only reminders I was under the bar. A flat feeling overall. The snatches and squats arguably were the worst experiences today. In previous snatch days (after the Toronto seminar wrapped up last weekend), I felt like I was never getting to the power position, and that in fact I was extending vertically early. Thus, today I tried to delay the jump on the 2nd pull, to get the bar to speed its way up to the crease on the hip, but the snatch felt really awkward after I did that, like I was landing and receiving the bar slightly on my toes, which leads me to believe I was hitting the bar outwards. I'm gonna need to re-film to see what's going on (no filming occurred today).

The squats were also bad, although I didn't foresee how bad they were going to be until I hit 130kg. The warmups indicated I was good to go - but being under 110kg and 130kg today was worlds apart. I managed to get the 5sx3r that was part of the template, but the last reps where tough guys. The absolute very last rep, I was stuck halfway up the concentric for what seemed like an eternity until somehow something kicked in and I got all the way up.

Everything else seemed ok, although the push press exposed a weakness of mine - inadequate leg drive, and sloppy timing the pop off the shoulders to take advantage of the leg drive. Again I managed all of them, but nothing seemed "like air".

I also hip cheated my last pullup rep - halfway going up, stuck, wiggled my way up with my hips.

warmup with bar
3 push press
3 behind the neck
3 scarecrow snatches


130kgx5sx3r <--HARD

Clean Deadlift

Push Press

3sx4r (last rep gave a little hip kip)

Given the above, I'm still excited about where this is all going goal wise:
Snatch best=85kg target=90kg
Clean&Jerk best=106kg target=110kg

The targets are the first milestone I want to reach. I'll make new milestones once I reach those targets.
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