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Thumbs up 2010-10-19 Week 1 Day 2

The training
Got to the gym fairly early and managed to get a workout done before 8:30PM today. Finally! Since today looks like the light day, I figured form should take the driver's seat. Originally I was trying to get the same extension I was getting yesterday, by tweaking my form so I'd get the brush near the crease, but instead ended hitting the crease - my nads complained when I hit them twice, so I regrouped, and thought out my approach to the lift. I realized I lifted the snatch best when I focused on looking straight, and a focus on keeping to the heels until I was ready to extend, which would mean leg drive (LEG DRIVE!!).

Looking forward for the snatch and the muscle snatch ended up being A Good Thing, and seemed to have allowed me to accelerate the bar up my thighs to the crease while allowing me to elbow raise correctly and more importantly land stably. I'll take video to see if the power position is still being reached though, as that's the meat of the whole pasta.

One thing I notice is my foot position on the landing is becoming wide, wider than my front or back squat foot position, ankles outside hip on landing. Perhaps I'm compensating for lack of flexibility to sink in as I bring the ankles more under my butt.

Cleans and Jerks were awesome, left gym feeling good.

Warmups with 20kg bar
(push pressx3,
BTN push pressx3,
power jerksx3,
scarecrow snatchx2,
mid hang snatchx3x3)

Muscle Snatch
30kgx3s (hit myself in nads 1st two sets changed form to look forward, nads saved)
50kgx2s (hard, leanback!!)

Snatch (60%)
51kgx5sx2r (easy, except one landed forward and I had to chase it to finish)

Clean (60%)
66kgx5sx2r (a breeze - almost like I did nothing)

Jerks (60%)
66kgx5sx2r (first two sets were power jerks, rest were split jerks - mentally focused on leg drive!!)
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