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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
If I hadn't run out of money during my misguided youth, I'd be covered. I've managed to maintain at 7 for the last few years, but the itch is always there.

The one on the inside of my left arm is a head... what you probably saw was the hair, flowing ever so dramatically down my arm. That is actually my favorite tattoo.

Steve - my humble advice regarding tattoos is to resist the urge until you have a tattoo you're sure about. I've seen way too many lame tattoos.

Free 1-year subscription to the first person to correctly guess where tattoo #7 is... (and if you know because I've told you, you're not eligible) 1-6 are back, r shoulder, l arm, l inner arm, r inner arm, r calf.
Side of your ribs?
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