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Here's what I've got to offer so far on my first visit to the Chiro for cold laser. Unfortunately, and because I was laying on a treatment table face down, I did not get the equipment manufacturer name nor was I able to get a good look at the laser. I did ask the mfr name but the guy only knew the model number and said it was a Model 880? First the chiro did the normal routine of "adjusting" me and seemed to find that satisfactory but I kept bugging him about the cold laser thing and what he knew about it. He didn't have much to say about it other than they don't use it that frequently. Because I bugged him about it he had one of the office assistants come in and apply the device to the affected area of my foot for about 10 minutes. There is no sensation at all of anything taking place. From what I could tell about the procedure this is something literally anyone could do to themselves if they had access to the laser. As for any noticeable effects from the first treatment all I can say is that my left heel area feels marginally better and I say that with hesitation because I'm always leery of the placebo effect when being treated for anything not quantifiable. I am going back on the 29th for another round and will report here on my progress, or lack thereof.
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