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Default Kaatsu, or, Scary Japanese Bodybuilding

Hey All,

Just curious what all the eggheads here at the fitness skunkworks called Performance Menu think about Kaatsu. I've no plans to try it out and am actually really scared of it, but I thought it might be fun to mull over for a bit.

The Kaatsu lowdown, as I understand it:

1. use tourniquet like devices to restrict the blood flow to your muscles.
2. do some light exercise
3. grow really big and strong really quickly

Strange things start to happen when you try this out. Apparently when using Kaatsu bands merely walking promotes muscle growth if you put the wraps around your upper legs ( ). Putting the wraps around your upper arms and benching increases strength both in your triceps and pectorals. Yes, that means there is an effect both proximal and distal of the band. WTF. ( )

Also, apparently it is super dangerous. The inventor almost killed himself when the bands caused blood clots in his calves which then became a full blown pulmonary embolism. Oh yeah, its almost guaranteed to give you rhabdo. (

Anyway, I just discovered Kaatsu and am terrified.

Oblig. Wiki. link:
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