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Originally Posted by Jeroen Verwichte View Post

I'm thinking of building a platform so i can practice the oly lifts at home.
What do you consider being the mimimal dimensions of a platform? would a platform of 2.2meter on 1meter be sufficient?

Because i want to make a platform that's cheap and easy to transport (hence the small dimensions)

I don't think 1m is enough, depthwise, to give you a comfortable lifting area. Most homemade platforms are either (approximately) a 2.4x2.4 meter square, or 2.4x1.8 rectangle. The extra platform space is really good to have if you recover forward/backwards in a lift, split jerk, work off blocks and have to dump the weight, etc.

As for transportable, my coach has a very low profile but effective setup he's been using in his basement for well over a decade:

We just lay a couple extra-thick rectangular rubber mats on either side of a flat 4'x8' wooden board. The mats we use are the 'Super Mats' sold by Bud Charniga of Dynamic-Eleiko. They're made of thick composite rubber and do a good job of preserving the basement floor as well as the equipment. I'd recommend using something comparable to that.

This setup is nice, because it can be broken down and stored away in a matter of seconds.
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