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Default A Weightlifter Who Benches and Deadlifts

Started at 5'9" and 130 lbs. Started competitive raw powerlifting at age 32 and 165 lbs. Moved up to 181 within a year thanks to lots of whole milk (Thanks, Rip).

Best USAPL raw lifts in 82.5 kg class: SQ 418, BP 253, DL 506 (sumo).

Decided to get in touch with my inner weightlifter again. Had discovered Dan John in my twenties when I still weighed under 150 and practiced the classical lifts without a coach. Now getting coaching.

Best lifts at ~180 lbs/81 kilos in the gym: Snatch 67 kg, Clean 87 kg, Clean and Jerk 82 kg.

Using the Olympic back squat to get bigger and going heavy on front squats to get stronger legs these days. Doing snatch, clean/clean-and-jerk at least thrice per week. Still pressing, benching, rowing and chinning in other sessions. Not doing low bar squat or deadlift much anymore, but still want to compete in powerlifting (next meet USAPL Maryland States in Nov).

Best high bar squat was 162 kilos last month, but usually my best is 150 kilos. Best front squat was 120 kilos yesterday (10 kilo PB from earlier this year when I last tried them).

Only been doing the classic lifts again for a little over a month. Ratio to front squat strength is still embarrassingly low. Probably going to focus on PL for the November meet anyway.
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