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Gary Gibson
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Press out of Rack
,95 lbs x 3
115 lbs x 3
125 lbs x 2
135 lbs x 5
120 lbs x 5
105 lbs x 5

Chin Up
+0 x 3
+25 x 5 x 3

The press out of the rack was a "local maximum", i.e. I only ever got that much once before and it was with lots of screaming and encouragement with Rip as the loudest screamer. Tonight's felt a lot easier, as in I was confident from the first press that I'd make it. Last rep was slooooooooow and back felt like it was bent 90 degrees in the middle, but I muscled through.

Originally Posted by Kevin Perry View Post
Hey Gary, good to have you at CA, what made you decide to start a log here though? I thought you had one at Rips forums?
Thanks. I haven't added to that log in months now. I was over at IGx for a while, but I think I'll get plenty of training knowledge here. I'm something of a board tramp--or whore--and don't mind spreading my affections around.
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