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Default Inov-8 shoes

Anyone bought or have any experience with these yet?

The Nike Frees are great but I'm looking for a shoe that won't get gravel stuck in them everytime I'm on an unimproved road. Distances >5K mostly. This is for the Army side of my life so Vibrams won't fly, even though I would like a new pair of those too....

It seems that the 230 is a good compromise between a complete road shoe and trail shoe. The trail shoes seem to have too much stuff on the bottom and would make them horrible for a regular road run but then most regular road shoes are terrible unsuited for gravel and the like.

Heading out to the mountains in the near future for a year and wanted to have a multi-purpose running/training shoe. Although I still might stash some Vibrams in my duffel......

Any input would be appreciated.
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