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So its been nearly 2 weeks.
I have lost a few kilos, some water, but there is a visual difference in some parts of my body.

Deadlifted today, and pulled a weight that was very respectable for me. It was a weight that would need some kind of peaking or prep to hit. But I hit it today no troubles.
No stims, no peaking, no carbs and no energy (it has been a massive couple weeks very emotionally draining)
I am sure I will be able the hit a PB for the first time in a couple years

Had a band bench Thursday that was ridiculously strong...I have nothing to compare it too but I dare say it would be the heaviest lockout I have done in a year (more band tension than I have ever attempted)

I have to mess around with the calorie levels some more...but I am happy!

The only thing is on one day on the weekend I had a few no paleo things. yeah at this current stage my strength levels have not suffered
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