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Default Newbie needs help with bodyweight routine

I am writing this note to get feedback from others before I proceed with a change in my programming. I have been using Simplefit's site as a resource for my training for several weeks and have advanced to LEvel 2. I am pleased with the benefits I have received from the workouts but my goals have changed since I began Simplefit. Initially, I wanted the across the board gains of Simplefit. Now I want to work towards becoming able to do 20 Pull-ups, 50 pushups, 20 Dips and 50 air squats as quickly as possible.
My plan is to GTG the Pushups and Squats every other day. And on the other day address the Dips and Pull-ups. Unfortunately, I don't have access to my own equipment or I'd GTG those movements also.
I'm unable to do a pull-up at the moment. Therefore, I am going to do Body weight Rows using the Smith MAchine and the other version involving a towel placed over the bar, Pull-up negatives, 1 arm DB Rows. I'm having difficulties thinking through how much work I should begin doing to start. How many sets and how many reps for each exercise? And with respect to the DB row how do I go about warming up for the exercise and what rep range should I use. I'm leaning towards 5 since the work should be to strengthen the back.
And how should I structure my workout to increase my dip numbers. how many sets and reps.
Thanks to all who respond in order to assist this newbie get started.
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