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Originally Posted by Thomas Schneitter View Post
I'm unable to do a pull-up at the moment. Therefore, I am going to do Body weight Rows using the Smith MAchine and the other version involving a towel placed over the bar, Pull-up negatives, 1 arm DB Rows. I'm having difficulties thinking through how much work I should begin doing to start. How many sets and how many reps for each exercise? And with respect to the DB row how do I go about warming up for the exercise and what rep range should I use. I'm leaning towards 5 since the work should be to strengthen the back.
And how should I structure my workout to increase my dip numbers. how many sets and reps.
Thanks to all who respond in order to assist this newbie get started.
this might be of some help

you said you're at level 2. this is what the site says for that:

Level 2
max rounds in 20 min
1 pull-ups
3 push-ups
4 squats

5 rounds for time
3 pull-ups
8 push-ups
13 squats

for time
13 pull-ups
26 push-ups
26 squats

it sounds like your asking for specific rep numbers. if so, we'd either need to know your max reps or your your numbers on those workouts.

for a more general plan, you have the right idea => GTG basic movements as much as possible. you could probably do your squats and pushups everyday. if you feel too sore, just do them everyday but less reps.

at this level of output, you could probably benefit from static holds in the plank, mid/bottom of the pushups, mid squat, in the hole (search "third world squat"), deadhangs, and lockouts at the top of the pullup (just jump up there and hold as long as you can). mid pullup would probably be too hard if you don't have one yet.

a variation to the bar row that could help would be to:
1. prop your feet up on a bench
2. start with your body planked
3. as you pull, fold at the hips
4. bring you neck to the bar as your body makes an L at the hips
5. lower back down to a plank

this makes your bar row feel more like a pullup.
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