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Gary Gibson
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,45 lbs x 5
135 lbs x 5
185 lbs x 3
135 lbs x 5
155 lbs x 5
175 lbs x 5
185 lbs x 3
205 lbs x 3
215 lbs x 2
225 lbs x 1
235 lbs x 2 1/2
185 lbs x 5 x 5

Pull Up @ 180
+0 x 8, x8, x2

DB Row
80 lbs x 8 each side

And that is the official end of this cycle. Bench has gone nowhere.

I'm starting a back off week this evening. After that I want to start prepping for PL. There are two USAPL meets on the horizon: MD States Nov 20 and American Open Dec 3-5.

I've been competing raw in MD and FL and would like to put up some higher raw numbers in the 82.5 and also try my hand at gear in the Open. I was planning to use the MD State meet as a training day and not something for which I specifically prepare. I'd be training gear in the preceding weeks with an eye on the Open. Here's the intended protocol...

Snatch up to 80% + OHS
Low Bar Squat, warm up raw then add gear to that day's "easy" max.

DB Row

Clean up to 80% + Front Squat
Sumo Deadlift, warm up raw then add gear to that day's "easy" max.

The alternative is to bench twice and squat and deadlift once each.

M) Bench boards/shirt
T) Snatch/OHS, Competition SQ w/gear

Th) Bench raw for volume
F) Clean/Jerk/FS, Competition DL w/gear

The question is whether to bench once or twice per week.
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