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Grissim thanks for your guidance. I discovered I can do 27 air squats, 13 pushups and 1 dip.
3 times a week I'm going to do a routine focused on improving pullups and dips in addition to the GTG daily for Squats and Pushups. I'm going to do body rows using the variation you described, Pendley Rows and Pulldowns. I'm going to include deadhangs and lockouts at the top of the pullup.
But I need some advice about when I should do the isometric work? Should I do it before or after the other exercises?
I am also going to do all of the other static holds you suggested for the pusshup and squat. I have two questions regarding them. When should I do them and with what frequency?
And I think I'm going to go to the gym and perform interval training on an exercise bike on days which I'm not doing my routine for the dips and pullups. I need to lose some additional fat which the Simplefit routine had helped start the process of removing from my frame. I think I'll perform this type of training 3 times a week.
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