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Default 2010-10-26 Week 2 Day 2

The training

Came in early, got out early. Really good day. The lesson I learnt from yesterday about my snatch grip came in handy - the grip of the bar OH really lies somewhere closer to the area between my index finger and my thumb, less so as it gets closer to the outer edge of the hand. Focusing on this helped me focus on driving elbows up and out as the bar got under. Since these were 60% of my snatch and clean, I was able to power them and then ride them down, a lesson I got from Greg in the seminar - "For a given weight, the power clean and power snatch should be caught at the same height as a regular clean and a regular snatch". That way I never attempt to cut power and leg drive for light lifts (a habit that might carry over to heavy lifts), and I never attempt to excessively widen my stance on receipt of bar, which would mean inconsistency between what are essentially the same lifts.

Only mistake made as far as I could see was a bad foot placement on my 2nd last 2 position snatch set. The 2nd snatch was from hang and I wasn't aggressive enough to really apply leg drive, causing me to widen my stance a bit more, and collapsed one knee on the ground, but quickly recovered to OH squat position again. That seemed no good so I repeated it and got it right.

Warmup with 20kg bar

Muscle Snatch (80%)

2 Position Snatch (60%, floor, hang)

2 Position Clean (60%, floor, hang)

Push Jerk+Jerk (60%, push, split)
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