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Originally Posted by Geoffrey Thompson View Post
One thing I would say, though, is that if CFE training truly can get you to finish an ultra/ironman in a time that isn't completely embarrassing in 6-8 hours per week, I think that sounds like a very good thing for a recreational amateur. The status quo is to get divorced to support your ultra habit unless your partner really likes chafed nipples and black toenails.
I think CFE would work great for a recreational athlete. I mean, look at marathons, most people are walking them at some point and just trying to muster enough energy to finish it. Even triathlons. Your recreational weekend triathlete is just looking to finish. If you want to win, you have to log the miles, the laps, and the hours.

I am by no means elite, not even close. But in my preparation, 2 mile swims and 6 mile runs were normal and performed weekly. Sure there was strength work and sprint work on other days, but I usually had at least one long swim of at least 4000 yds and at least one long-ish run, usually around 5 miles per week. Occasionally a 15K, and sometimes longer swims, but I think past results show us that you have to put the time and work in. I'm sure Lance Armstrong isn't doing one tabata workout a day.
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