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Oh man I don't have it here and can't do it all from memory...the recipe is such a nice mix of everything you want in winter. Something like...
Around 1lb each of boneless pork shoulder, smoked pork (butt if possible), beef (chuck or stew beef
1/2 lb of bacon, 1/2 lb of kielbasa
Maybe 1lb of sauerkraut, and there's also fresh green cabbage, and fresh mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, seasoning include the usual and some caraway seeds, bay leaf ... basic cut into pieces and brown the meats - prob in the bacon, and not the smoked meat, remove, cook the cabbage some, later add most of the rest, the kielbasa towards the end otherwise it overpowers everything else. There's a lot of recipes online, the best usually being something like "my grandma's bigos" of course. This example looks pretty good though we never used wine or the prunes, and we add smoked pork, which I like. It's a worthy journey.
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