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Default In Season training

So here's my deal,

Height: 5'8/ Weight: 152 pounds/ Age: 16/ Years Training: 5
Clean and Jerk: 187 pounds
Snatch: 145 pounds
Back Squat: 305 pounds
Deadlift: somewhere around 400
"Fran": 4:34
"Helen": 9:11

I wrestle, my season is from mid November to mid February, I gain tremendous Met-Con capacity but lose considerable amounts of strength. Every year I compete in CrossFit Sectionals, however they are very close after my wrestling season ends. So every year I do strength training all through the year with the occasional once-a-week Met-Con thrown in, and then I wrestle for my Met-Con, then train SS for 2 weeks, and 5/3/1 like program plus Met-Cons for 2 weeks, and compete. It works pretty well, but I would like to keep as much strength as I can this season, however I am aware that I have to be careful with my training In-season to not overtrain, esp. since I want a successful season. My matches are Weds. and Sat. And I have been thinking of lifting on those days, any suggestions on what I should train on those days and what kind of rep scheme, I'm thinking a 2 week rotating 2 lift split of BS/BP then DL OHP, with the second week being Snatch/OHS, and CJ/ Front Squat. Thoughts? Suggestions? Critiques?

Many Thanks,

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